In 2015 Angry Kid began a series of teasers for their upcoming season 3 after such a long episode gap.

They began with 3 teasers; "Stand by ! Angry Kid"; "2 Days to go ! Angry Kid"; "1 DAY TO GO! Angry Kid". They were uploaded on consecutive days, the 30th of June, the 1st of July and the 2nd of July. Each one said 3 days to go, 2 days to go and finally 3 days to go in the original "intro" format of the original Angry Kid series. The last 2 teaser clip's also included a mili-second of footage from the 1st episode in series 3 yet to be seen or released!

The next day angry kid finally released some new footage. This season 3 pre-release episode was called "countdown..." and is known as a special edition angry kid teaser episode or as Season 3 episode 0.5 (unofficially).

Synopsis: Edit

This teaser episode was only 11 seconds long and featured Angry Kid and his sister on their sofa tapping on cooking instruments to create a count-down sound (teasing that their 1st episode in season 3 is near).