"Car Sick" is the 1st episode in Season 1 in Angry Kid. Like all the episodes in the first two seasons, it was first posted by Aardman's Dark Side and was re-uploaded to Youtube by Angry Kid himself on May 26, 2016.


Angry Kid is sitting in the back seat of Dad car on a road trip, eating his candy bar and drinking his soda with some melted chocolate around his mouth. He asks his father if they are there yet, but Dad responds to him "No." Then Angry Kid moves to the window after a third bite out of his chocolate, prompting Dad to command him, "Get your head back in here this minute!" The boy does as he is told, but by then, he began to feel strange (feeling "sicky"). Then in an instant, he went in the early stage of vomiting: grunting, but not before he tells Dad that he's going to "jub up." Dad gets very angry as he stops the car at a parking lot, and Angry Kid jerks forward, holding his fingers in his mouth to prevent himself from throwing up. In response to his fingers being at the back of his throat, his body throws up anyway, forcing him to keep the contents in his mouth. He tries releasing it outside by going to the window for the second time, but Dad orders him to stay away from the window again. Left with no alternative, he swallows it.



Angry Kid: Are we there yet?

Dad: No.

(Angry Kid takes a third bite out of his candy bar. Then he turns his head to the right, and leans at the window.)

Dad: Get your head back in here this minute!


Angry Kid: I feel sicky.


Angry Kid: Erh! I'm gonna jub up! Uh, eh, uh! Mmh!

(The sound of Dad's car tires are heard screeching when he is stopping it.)

Dad: Will you...

Angry Kid: Eh!

Dad: ...STOP?!

Angry Kid: Mnh!


Dad: Being so bloody childish!


Dad: I said get away from the window!


Angry Kid: (gulps) Eh...

Dad: (sighs quietly)