"Bored" is the 2nd episode in Season 1 in Angry Kid.


Angry Kid and Lil' Sis, are watching an educational program on TV. As the man on TV tells The viewers to touch their nose, their mouth, and their hands, Angry Kid gets really bored. So, he starts blowing raspberries, thrusting V-signs, and making weird faces at her, without her knowing what it means. Angry Kid then pushes Lil' Sis on her shoulder, and she retaliates by sticking her 2 fingers up Angry Kid's nose. Angry Kid then sneezes on his sister's fingers, with the snot going on her hand. When Lil' Sis' sees the snot on her hand, she starts crying. Angry Kid tries to quiet Lil' Sis by hugging her, unaware that she is rubbing the snot on his cheek.