Beth Chalmers is a voice actor for Big Finish Productions. She has the distinction of having portrayed the mothers of four of the Doctor's companions: Melanie Bush, Ace McShane, Molly O'Sullivan and Raine Creevy, the last of which she also played herself.

Audio roles  Edit

Big Finish main range Edit

  • Time Reef (as Lady Vuyoki)
  • A Perfect World (as Taz/Connie's mother)
  • Casualties of War (as Audrey Dudman/Miss Merchant)
  • The Word Lord (as System)
  • The Wrong Doctors (as Vaneesh / Millicent / Christine Bush)
  • Spaceport Fear (as Galpan Captain/ Beauty Swanson)
  • The Seeds of War (as TV announcer / Pilot / Elevator)