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This article is for the eponymous character of the same name. For the television series, see Angry Kid (TV series)

Stanners, often referred to as “Angry Kid” is the eponymous protagonist of the series.

He is Dad's and Mom's son and eldest child, Lil' Sis ("Poppet")'s older brother and Speccy's best friend. He is a mean-spirited brat who gains great enjoyment out of irritating and enraging others.

He is young, British, cockney, idiotic, ugly, tall and embittered. Angry Kid is often a real pain to Dad, Lil' Sis, Speccy and other people.  He has bright-red hair and no eyebrows. Angry Kid usually wears a blue parka jacket with a white shirt underneath, blue jeans, and red and white trainers.

Angry Kid usually teases Lil' Sis, however, she often gets back at him in the end. It's revealed that he was born before his parents got married and thus he is an illegitimate child. 

He is voiced by Darren Walsh.


International voice actors[]

  • French: Christophe Lemoine
  • German: Santiago Ziesmer
  • Japanese:
  • Polish:
  • Russian: